Professional work requires attention to detail. Before delivering your file or project, make sure to check these elements to guarantee that your deliverables are free from any error:

Linguistic Checklist:

( ) Client Requirements: All specific instructions/updates were applied?
( ) Grammar: Any punctuation/concordance issues? Excessive use of articles/pronouns?
( ) Terminology: Brand/product names, acronyms, glossary and reference material checked?
( ) Style: Capitalization (titles/subtitles) checked? Consistent with Style Guide?
( ) Accuracy: Understanding of lexical/syntactical meaning? Unnecessary addition/omission?
( ) Formatting: Any codes/tags missing or misplaced? Formatting styles correctly applied?
( ) Country: Time/date formats, measurements, currency, country/state/city names checked?
( ) Typos: New spelling rules applied? Any common typos, extra spaces, double spaces?

Always run the spellchecker!


DTP Checklist:

( ) Formatting: Has the character formatting (bold, italic, underlined etc.) been checked?
( ) Styles: Have paragraph styles (justification, spacing, alignment, indent) been checked?
( ) Fonts: Have font styles, colors and sizes been checked?
( ) Graphics: Have images been translated? Are screen captures consistent with body text?
( ) Captions: Have captions been reviewed and are consistent?
( ) Tables: Are the tables formatted according to the source? Is there any bleeding text?
( ) Pages: If requested, has the page for page format been followed?
( ) Added Info: Have headers and footers been reviewed? Page numbers checked?
( ) TOC: Are tables of contents, figure/table links complete and consistent with section headings?
( ) Index: Is the index accurate, free of duplicate entries and alphabetized per localized language?
( ) Cross References: Are all variables (cross-references, index, TOC markers) consistent?
( ) PPT: Have PowerPoint notes been translated?
( ) Hyperlinks: Are all internal and external links fully functional?
( ) Lists: Have bullets and numbering been checked?
( ) Publication: Have part number and date of publication been reviewed?

Multimedia Checklist:

( ) Tone: Has the translator listened to the original sound files to understand characterization and tone?
( ) Audience: Is the age range and/or type of audience for Product known by translator?
( ) Flow: Have translations been spoken aloud to ensure they can be spoken easily?
( ) Script: Has the script been fully translated and imported to template?
( ) Pronunciation: Have guidelines been approved by the Client are entered in the script?
( ) Brand: Have brand names been identified and their pronunciation properly explained?
( ) Acronyms: Have proper instructions on how to deal with acronyms been provided?
( ) Timing: Have time restrictions, pauses and lip-synch been checked and fixed accordingly?
( ) Post-Recording: Have changes to the script been implemented in the translated files?
The Ccaps Checklist are available for download in PDF format from here.