The past editions of Ccaps’ acclaimed industry newsletter are available online via the links below.

Three Kinds of Management (September 2008)

Three Kinds of Management

The Best Breed of Project Managers

Fabiano Cid draws a thin line between dog and cat Project Managers and provides insight on how to balance characteristics of the two. (Read more…)

The Conveyor Belt Approach and Terminology Management

Consultant Christie Fidura describes how an inefficient approach to your corporate terminology can lead to multiple problems after localization. (Read more…)

Resource Management in Place

Recruiter Inger Larsen shares some valuable input on how to find talents, keep them or let them go, when necessary. (Read more…)

Search Engine Optimization (May 2008)

Search Engine Optimization

How to Gain from Multilingual SEO

Professional consultant Orad Elkayam describes the basics of SEO and reveals the advantages a localized website can offer your business. (Read more…)

The Google Conspiracy Theory

Are webmasters getting paranoid or is the largest search engine indeed brewing an evil plot against the industry? See how Mark Daoust responds to such accusations. (Read more…)

Search Engine Marketing in Multiple Languages

Ian Harris explains how search engine optimization strategies can benefit from the services of translation and localization providers. (Read more…)

Localization: Brazil (December 2007)

Localization: Brazil

From the Brazilian Northeast to the World

In this interview-style article, Eduardo Peixoto, Business Development Executive at C.E.S.A.R, confirms that technology innovation is everywhere and for everyone. (Read more…)

Brazil from the Inside

Fabiano Cid shares insightful tips from the “South American Giant,” increasingly considered a viable alternative to offshoring enterprises. (Read more…)

An Emerging Giant in the Global Localization Arena

Sales VP Adam Blau and Global Project Manager Cassius Figueiredo explain why localization alliance milengo chose Rio de Janeiro as the company’s GPM Center. (Read more…)

GILT – Part IV: Translation (August 2007)

GILT - Part IV: Translation

Tower of Babel

Bia Peine and Daltony Nóbrega, married to each other and the profession, recreate the genesis of the translation services in this fun and lighthearted article. (Read more…)

Translation Standards – Who Needs Them?

Andrew Fenner answers the question that many of us may have asked ourselves at some point or another during our careers or business path. (Read more…)

Preparing a Project for Translation

Operations Manager Kim Vitray shares best practices for those considering outsourcing their translation needs or who already buy translation services. (Read more…)

GILT – Part III: Localization (June 2007)

GILT - Part III: Localization

Resources in Microsoft .NET

Internationalization expert Bill Hall offers an in-depth look into some localization techniques for the .NET programming environment. (Read more…)

Step-by-Step Localization

Rockwell Automation’s Eva Muller lists what you should do before localizing your software product and details the phases included in the process. (Read more…)

Maturity Levels for Localization Suppliers

Following the publication of a report by Common Sense Advisory, Joergen Danielsen proposes a new classification for localization vendors. (Read more…)

GILT – Part II: Internationalization (April 2007)

GILT - Part II: Internationalization

The Basics of Software Internationalization

Using a web-enabled quoting application, independent consultant Dan Moore explains the principles of internationalization and beyond. (Read more…)

International-Ready and Great

Lingoport’s founder and president, Adam Asnes, gives details on Globalyzer and how it can help your internationalization efforts. (Read more…)

Get Ready to Go International

Wordbank’s publishing services manager Tracy Russell gives tips on how to make sure your design and content are well accepted in the international arena. (Read more…)

GILT: Back to the Basics (February 2007)

GILT: Back to the Basics

A Proven Globalization Strategy

Peter Reynolds explains the benefits of Idiom WorldServer, an independent globalization tool, and the recently released LSP Advantage Program. (Read more…)

E-commerce Across Borders

Globalization expert John Yunkers gives valuable tips on how to make sure you obtain the return on your website investment. (Read more…)

Making your company more global

Kit Brown shares with readers detailed guidelines on how to reach global markets and consumers. (Read more…)

Successful Management (October 2006)

Successful Management

A Day in The Life of a GPM

In this interview, readers will learn more about the activities, best practices and career of Ccaps’ most recent staff member, Cassius Figueiredo. (Read more…)

Project Management: Art or Discipline?

Consultant and professor André Barcaui explains how to balance two apparently contradictory qualities when managing projects. (Read more…)

The Hub of the Wheel

Willem Stoeller shares his insight on the phases and characteristics of a typical localization project management process. (Read more…)

Localization Today (August 2006)

Localization Today

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Fabiano Cid shares a humorous insight into his networking experience at the Localization World Conference in Barcelona, Spain. (Read more…)

What the Future of Localization Holds

Common Sense Advisory’s Don DePalma shares some industry perspectives and offers three choices for the truly global companies. (Read more…)

Switching Off Autopilot: The Power of Choice

Adam Blau of Milengo discusses an innovative localization business model currently making headway in the industry. (Read more…)

Business or Pleasure? (May 2006)

Business or Pleasure?

How International is your Field of Dreams?

Felipe Candiota, Regional Hotel Inspector for the Condé Nast Johansens Guide, gives a few tips on how to avoid ruining an independent traveler’s dream trip. (Read more…)

Translation at 35,000 Feet: The World of Airline Menus

Foreign Language Professor Tim Altanero introduces us to this beautiful world and its sometimes not-so-beautiful culinary descriptions. (Read more…)

Toasts Around the World

John Freivalds tickles our taste buds and gives us something to celebrate by revealing the history behind the toast. (Read more…)

Localizing Fun (March 2006)

Localizing Fun

Learning from the Best

Consultant Heather Chandler shares her insights and experience in the entertainment software industry in an exclusive interview with the Ccaps Newsletter. (Read more…)

Sayonara, baby!

Game localizer Diana Díaz Montón discusses the cultural adaptation of films and online games and provides some current examples. (Read more…)

Word Games

Christoph Niedermair explains the importance of localization accuracy for an industry targeted at a demanding crowd of young (and not so young) people. (Read more…)

Fashion Translation Is In (December 2005)

Fashion Translation Is In

It’s a Girl’s Thing

Fashionholic Chiara Manfrinato describes the unique role played by fashion translators and creates a parallel between this field and the “chick lit” genre. (Read more…)

Dressed to Kill

Consultant Vitor Brasil discusses the growing popularity of Brazilian fashion and culture abroad and how effective translation helps local designers reach new markets. (Read more…)

Making a Fashion Statement

Journalist Ronald Villardo shares his unique insight on how to avoid sheer madness when translating those peculiar fashion terms. (Read more…)

Deciphering China (November 2005)

Deciphering China

Chinese Characters

Globalization expert Leon Z. Lee gives readers an exclusive look at how China’s social and political history has influenced the use of Chinese characters in East Asia. (Read more…)

Shall We Dansu?

Ccaps Managing Director Fabiano Cid offers valuable tips on overcoming obstacles created by the unique Eastern versus Western mindsets. (Read more…)

Doing Business in China: The Rules Are Changing

Originally published in MultiLingual, this insightful article by consultant Paul Denlinger offers an in-depth report on the current economic scenario in China. (Read more…)

Unlocking the Files of Legal Translation (August 2005)

Translating Law Texts is Translating Culture

Translator Daniela Mochny explains the connection between the history of Law and the inherently complicated nature of legal translation. (Read more…)

Two Legal Systems and the Term Homicide

Lawyer Luciana Carvalho describes the subtle differences between the English and Brazilian legal systems in her analysis of the crime of homicide. (Read more…)

Issues in Legal Translation

Steve Kahaner gives his professional insight as to why legal translation is often considered more difficult than other types of technical translation. (Read more…)

The Anatomy of Life Sciences Translation (June 2005)

Ever-Changing English: A Translator’s Headache

From “verbing” to the “and/or” phenomenon, translator Anne Jones shares her astonishment with the ever-changing English language of medical texts. (Read more…)

Difficulties in Translating Medical Texts

Diego Alfaro describes some of the common setbacks associated with life sciences translation and provides professional tips on how to overcome them. (Read more…)

Medical Manufacturing Benefits from the Use of CMS

This month’s MultiLingual contribution comes from Andres Heuberger, an industry expert who describes the increased use of localized content management systems. (Read more…)

Pumping Up Oil and Gas Translation (April 2005)

Using Translation to Cut Costs in the Energy Sector

Executive Wagner Covos explains how his clients in the oil industry benefit from the basics of software localization. (Read more…)

Laughs and Nightmares in Oilfield Translation

Márcia Buckley shares a humorous perspective on the challenges involved in oil and gas translation. (Read more…)

The Tricky Terminology of the Oil and Gas Industry

Translator Peter Warner discusses the peculiarities of the oil lexicon from a native speaker point of view. (Read more…)