Bringing knowledge, skill, and experience to the world’s toughest industries.

Ccaps provides a comprehensive range of services—software localization, marketing and technical translation, desktop publishing, multimedia localization, and more—to clients in an array of industries. Read more below about some of our fields of expertise.

IT (Software & Hardware)

As technology has changed, so have the expectations of IT localization. Where the demand was previously for simple translations that strictly adhered to the technical source text, local market users now expect products and services that truly reflect their languages and cultures. Under the leadership of vendor and project managers, Ccaps delivers localized projects that seemed sourced in Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. They select the right resources to ensure that UIs, product documentation, quick start guides, and user manuals convey a more natural, local style.


The market leaders of the telecommunications industry need vendors that can keep up with the speed of change in a market flooded with aggressive competition. Ccaps can. Our testers and engineers work to ensure that today’s localized projects work as expected for each specific device and its intended audience. That means ensuring the fit of Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese to ever smaller devices, understanding a broad array of technical specifications, and understanding the impact of mobile devices and smartphones on industry expectations as a whole.


Marketing localization calls for greater nuance in language — cultural details, terms, and references that are best conveyed by native speakers living in their home markets. It also must meet the demands of the brand and the proffered products and services. To achieve this, Ccaps professionals bring together client interviews, style guides, industry terminology lists, as well as their considerable experience in the localization of marketing collateral. The goal: to “transcreate” the slogans, punch lines, and imagery of the source content into the look and feel of the target market.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

In the provision of localization services for ERP, Ccaps is the undeniable leader in the Latin American marketplace. We were the selected provider of German to Brazilian Portuguese localization for SAP software and serve as the sole provider of localized training materials for Oracle University. We help our clients translate and localize the software, documentation, marketing collateral, and other resources governing their business-critical processes.

Business & Finance

Ccaps helps its clients meet the business and financial reporting requirements of the Latin American market. Whatever the documents—annual reports, financial statements, RFPs, bylaws, internal documentation, and more—our aim is to ensure that they are localized to meet the expectations of stakeholders, regulatory officials, and business partners in each jurisdiction.


The growth of the gaming industry in mobile and online spaces is just one piece of an incredibly dynamic industry. Since our first venture into the field in 2001 for Microsoft’s Scholastic School Bus, our team has kept pace with the demands and opportunities of translation and localizations for this exciting industry.

Whether for personal computers, gaming consoles, smartphones, or the online market, Ccaps offers the experience necessary for the cultural adaptation of gaming for the Latin American market, from simple text translations to full multimedia localization and more.

Oil & Gas

“Pigs” and “strippers” could create real confusion among translators unfamiliar with the distinct terminology of the oil and gas industry. Ccaps navigates these challenging waters by pulling together teams well-versed in the industry’s vocabulary. They bring knowledge of chemistry, geology, engineering, and logistics as well as competence in the diverse technology and machinery of the field. Moreover, we work closely with company and subject matter experts to create industry-specific style guides and glossaries to ensure accuracy and consistent terminology from one project to the next.


While the complexity of legal texts intimidates many translation professionals, Ccaps takes on the work with confidence. We have been providing legal translations for the Latin American market since our founding in 1999. We understand well the demands of its terminology, jargon, and writing style as well as the critical value of accuracy through all project phases, changes, and amendments.

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