Ccaps Yesterday

Ccaps Translation and Localization began as a single language vendor in Rio de Janeiro in July 1999. Our commitment to the satisfaction of our clients—through the provision of precise, clear, and market-ready translations—quickly brought us success within Brazil and abroad. Building on years of hard work, our staff grew to serve not only a core group of small- to medium-sized translation agencies, but to also build the local reputations of the world’s most celebrated corporate businesses.

…and Today

While we have expanded from the Brazilian market to include all of Latin America, we project managers, translators, and localization professionals of the Ccaps family do not believe in resting on our laurels. Yes, we are the leader in the Brazilian localization market and, yes, the evidence of our success can be read in translations for clients that include SAP, Oracle, VMware, Xerox, LinkedIn and McDonald’s.

However, we are here to speak the language of our clients to their customers in the Latin American market. We continue to work hard to ensure that every nuance of language and culture is observed throughout the enterprise development cycle. And because millions of consumers in Latin America interact more comfortably with international businesses in their own language, Ccaps provides clients with local expertise on the best practices for adapting their products and services.